Is Beef healthy to eat?
You can feel good about serving your family nutritious beef meals. Lean beef is naturally nutrient-rich with 14 essential nutrients to help keep your body healthy and strong. Every serving of beef provides you with an excellent source of high quality protein, zinc, and vitamin B12.

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How healthy is Pork to eat as part of a regular balanced diet?
Lean pork contains protein, energy and 10 essential vitamins and minerals, it is a tasty and easy way to get a compact source of good nutrition - every bite is a "powerhouse" of nutrition. Pork contains no trans or hydrogenated fats, naturally. The only meats that contain trans fat are from ruminant animals (beef, lamb, goat).

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Poultry is better than good. It's good for you
Itís good for you. Chicken and turkey meat is not only delicious and affordable, itís also versatile and nutritious. Poultry offers exceptional nutritional benefits. Itís high in protein and low in fat and sodium, and itís rich in vitamins and minerals such as B6 and niacin. Chicken and turkey also help provide essential amino acids, the building blocks that every active body needs to produce everything from enzymes to muscle tissue.

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Lamb - a healthy alternative!
ďLess is moreĒ Ė how much you eat is just as important in a healthy diet as what you eat. Lamb cuts are smaller than other meats providing you with just the right-sized portion of meat for a healthy lifestyle.

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The Real Deal About Veal
There are many common myths about veal, such as the belief that veal comes from a very young calf. In fact, veal is one of the oldest of all food animals when it goes to market! Veal is also a meat steeped in history and tradition going right back to biblical times. But today, only 2% of Canadians are farmers - this means there are very few of us who actually know the real deal about veal. So here it is!!

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