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Pre-Order for Thanksgiving

Turkey Whole - Price: $5.49/LB ($12.10/kg)

Our fresh turkeys are responsibly produced, hormone and antibiotic-free, and are raised healthy. Kept in a Free-Run environment, grain-fed, and air-chilled, they produce a tasty bird. When cooked, they are both moist and tender and are truly turkey fresh!

$12.10 /kg.
Avg. 0 kg.

Smoked Ham - Bone-In - Price: 5.67/LB ($12.54/kg)

Delicious Bone-In Ham's make an excellent dinner option for you and your guests.

$12.54 /kg.
Avg. 0 kg.

Smoked Ham - Boneless - Price: $8.99/LB ($19.82kg)

Naturally raised and free from hormones and antibiotics. A fantastic option if you prefer no bone.

$19.82 /kg.
Avg. 0 kg.
$33.00 /kg.
Avg. 2.27 kg.
$33.00 /kg.
Avg. 1.36 kg.
$22.51 /kg.
Avg. 0.46 kg.
$22.00 /kg.
Avg. 0.63 kg.
$15.90 /kg.
Avg. 1 kg.

Grandma Ruby's Turkey Gravy - Price: $5.99 - $10.99

Mmmmm...don't miss out on Grandma Ruby's Turkey Gravy!